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IMG_6287.jpgOn the Road with Erin Connors
Teacher, traveler, parent, and activist, life currently finds me in Western North Carolina, where my role as the white mom of a biracial family fuels my passion for issues of social justice.

We’re fortunate to have the opportunity for some fun and adventure along the way, and I’m particularly interested in those places where four people with divergent tastes and personalities happen upon those perfect — often unplanned — moments where everyone is enthusiastic: an unexpectedly yummy tamale, a landscape perfect for romping, a shop heavy on sloth imagery.

My writing has been featured in or recognized by the Asheville Citizen-Times, Lonely Planet, the Journal for Understanding and Dismantling Privilege, and the Writer’s Workshop of Asheville. Though my interests are varied and my experience wide-ranging, some of my favorite pieces remain those of local interest I wrote for my good old hometown paper, the Minneapolis Uptown Neighborhood News.

Though writing is a vein running through my life, sometimes (often times) I have to bribe myself to sit down and do it. A cappuccino, a baked good, a bit of chocolate — no added flavors, nothing fancy,  just straight up –these usually do the trick.