Tutoring Services

Personalized coaching and instruction that invites kids to use their full potential. 

IMG_2443Students need to feel safe in order to get into that uncomfortable space where learning happens. I provide a comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere, where kids can ask the questions they need to go to the next level. I offer a sliding fee scale, with sessions averaging about $60/hour. 

In these sessions, we go beyond homework help to discuss time management and strategies for tackling long-term projects and studying for tests.

We’ll take the time to delve into your writing, so that what’s on the page reflects the complexity of your ideas.

Reading should be a tool that serves you! We’ll work together to explore strategies to help you understand and retain more of what you read.

Maybe you just need someone to help you when you get stuck working through your daily assignments. I’ll provide the support you need to finish that question set, master that grammar rule, or ace tomorrow’s reading quiz.

Contact me to discuss your child’s individual needs and goals.