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Susie’s SouthForty Toffee: Christmas Disaster Averted

"This is the best dessert I've ever had," my husband declared. "You have to take it away from me." Hide it somewhere, he told me. Somewhere I won't find it. Otherwise I'll eat the whole thing. Over the next few days it became a game of sorts: I would find a hiding place, he would… Continue reading Susie’s SouthForty Toffee: Christmas Disaster Averted

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Kerala: A South Indian Lesson on Loving My In-Laws

In the second half of October, I took a break from crawling around in the dark cave of sexual assault stories to write on a lighter topic: in-laws! In the process I was delighted to discover the Wanderful community, whose mission is to build an inclusive network of women and non-binary people to help each other… Continue reading Kerala: A South Indian Lesson on Loving My In-Laws

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Project Wellspring: Questions for Reflection

What is the shape of this story in your mind? Is it a longer arc, one that unfolds over many years or decades? Is it more of a self-contained episode? Something in between? How would you describe your emotions right now as you think about beginning to tell this story? Briefly and without thinking too… Continue reading Project Wellspring: Questions for Reflection

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Project Wellspring

After 15 years of thinking about it, I am finally starting work on a project to compile stories of people navigating the challenges of their reproductive lives, with the ultimate goal of publishing such a collection. I am aiming for a range of diverse perspectives and experiences. They run the gamut from unplanned pregnancy to… Continue reading Project Wellspring