Body, Family and Parenting

Project Wellspring: Questions for Reflection

timelapse photography off water fountainWhat is the shape of this story in your mind? Is it a longer arc, one that unfolds over many years or decades? Is it more of a self-contained episode? Something in between?

How would you describe your emotions right now as you think about beginning to tell this story?

Briefly and without thinking too much about it, list the ‘scenes’ of this story, those snapshot moments that pop to mind when you think of it.

Describe one or more of those scenes or moments in detail.

Tell as much of the story as you wish, all in one go.

Talk about some of the decisions you faced, or moments where you felt you had come to a crossroads of some sort. In these moments, how much control did you feel you had over your situation?

Is this a story you share frequently, something you have kept private, or somewhere in between?

Did the people in your life who knew what you were going through react the way you had hoped? How did their reactions affect (or not affect) you?

Is there a point in your story where what you wanted changed?

Reflect on a time during your story when you felt isolated or lonely.

Reflect on a time during your story when you felt connected with others.

If you are reflecting on something that happened in your past, are the emotions you associate with this story different now than when you were going through it, or the same?

If you are currently facing this challenge, have your emotions changed or shifted over the course of time?

To what extent have then questions or challenges you faced shaped your life?

To what extent have your challenges shaped your thinking about issues such as women’s health, reproductive rights, sexuality, or any other issues on which you’d like to comment?

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